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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Full Movie Hd 1080p

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Set after the events in Terminator 2 (1991), Sarah Connor and her son, John, try to stay under-the-radar from the government, as they plot to destroy the computer

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original title: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller

imdb: 7.7

duration: 1h

tags: Take back the future

keywords: skynet, terminator, fbiagent, cyborgversuscyborg, femalecyborg, cyborgvillain, evilcyborg, humanoidcyborg, killercyborg, humanversuscyborg, cyborgguardian, postapocalypse, losangelescalifornia, protec















































Set after the events in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). After the sacrifices of Dr. Miles Dyson and T-800 Model 101 Terminator, the Connors find themselves once again being stalked by Skynet's agents from the future. Realizing their nightmare isn't over, they decide to stop running and focus on preventing the birth of Skynet. With the aid of Cameron Phillips, a beautiful girl who has a mysterious past also linked to the future; Derek Reese, a Tech-Com soldier from the future whose past is linked with the Connors; Riley, a beautiful schoolfriend of John; and FBI Agent James Ellison, who was assigned to capture the Connors but joins them after his own encounter with one of the machines. They begin a quest to stop the United States military and a shadowy conspiracy from the future from creating the program that will stop at nothing to bring humanity to an end. Even though the first episode had me wondering why so much repetitive content was in it, the later episodes were awesome! I have to admit that in the beginning it was a bit getting used to the lack of familiar faces (like Arnold) but the actors did a great job and kept it interesting and helped me get past that first impression really easily!

From my perspective,I guess they needed some sort of a bridge to link the series to the original movies. After that, completely new and awesome story. Characters are working out, gaining more depth, twists added to the plot and so much more. I hope there's a second season coming! For those who saw the original pilot, leaked quite some time ago, you may have experienced a level of disappointment in terms of the quality of the show. I thought the pilot was uninspired, but at least entertaining. I supported the show and looked forward to it mostly out of loyalty to Firefly alum Summer Glau, who was excellent even in the pilot. The writing was poor with numerous logic errors, silly lines, and a simple rehashed plot taken directly from T2, but with less special effects. I admittedly did not have high hopes for a long running Terminator series.

Oh, but, was I delighted when the show started! Immediately from the first regular episode I realized the quality of the writing had absolutely skyrocketed. The plot took a huge twist into new territory, unexplored by previous films. Thank god it didn't devolve into silly "terminator of the week" robot fighting nonsense. Even the acting had improved! Lena Headey is very tough and very believable as Linda Hamilton's old character Sarah Connor. Thomas Dekker is much less annoying (no Anakin Skywalker wannabe here) as an adult playing an angsty teenager, and playing it well. His character is actually important and plays a real role in the plot, as opposed to a VIP to be hidden in a basement.

Supporting roles in the characters of James Ellison and Charley Dixon are also very well played and compelling. Best way to make a sympathetic, heroic character without giving him hardly any screen time or lines: make him an EMT! Seriously, though, Dean Winters does a great job with the small amount of screen time he is given. I'm sure he will be a fan favorite. Richard T. Jones takes the Ellison role, originally written as the generic "good guy cop who figures it all out" guy, and expands and layers it into something much more interesting. Can't say enough for how much these guys contribute, with their few key scenes.

The quality of the show continued to improve throughout the series. At about the halfway point we get a new regular character, played by Brian Austin Green. If you haven't read spoilers yet on his character, don't! He is fantastic and really adds to the dynamic between the characters. He gets a handful of truly mesmerizing key scenes, especially in the season finale, which cannot be missed. We also get a new (old?) character played by Garret Dillahunt. Again, don't want to give anything away here: watch the show! Overall my opinion of this show is that it is quite excellent and cannot be missed. Watch the pilot but do not be deterred by the errors and other problems. Watch the first season all the way through to the finale and be blown away. I can't say enough for the writers and actors for their work on this great piece of TV. "When Cromartie's head goes through the time bubble, THERE IS FLESH ON IT. If you can't see it, that's because A. it's burning off very quickly and B. certain people don't like it when we show burning flesh, cyborg or not."Yes. They were called "Grays" (i.e., John Smith is a gray). Grays are hated by other people, for obvious reasons, and usually are killed after being captured. In 2007, a pilot episode was produced and some copies also found their way to Ebay.

This version is different in certain aspects to the actual pilot that was aired in January 2008 on FOX in the USA: Sarah's fiancé was played by a different actor whose character was originally more sensible than in the broadcast version. Also John is not so soft as he was portayed in the pilot from 2007. Among many small changes there are plot scenes that were cut out or added as well. One of these deleted scenes is quite special: A terminator (dressed up like a teacher) tried to kill John in front of his school. Not only the FBI agent and the policeman can be seen in this scene but also distracted pupils that are walking around helplessly. The attempted assassination scene and the scenes on the parking lot in front of the school were shot before the rampage in the Virginia Tech on 16th April 2007 took place. The producers commented to the incident and put emphasis on the circumstance that this scene is essential for the series. However, they decided to remove the part that shows the traumatized pupils. The images of these youths were simply too similar to the ones seen in the news. The location of the very first scene was also altered due to this reason. Originally, Sarah rescues John out of a school and the terminator shoots numerous policemen in front of the building. In the final version, the school was replaced by a library.


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