19. Sep, 2018

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Terrorists plot smuggling chemical warfare into New York City, and also allude to the blowing up of the World Trade Center, before 9/11/2001.

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original title: Star of Jaipur

genge: Drama,Thriller,War,Action,Adventure,Mystery

imdb: 6.6

duration: 1h 40min







































Terrorists plot smuggling chemical warfare into New York City, and also allude to the blowing up of the World Trade Center, before 9/11/2001. i order this movie used, and the shipment was so fast. after i have seen the film, i can see why.. the seller must have been so happy to get rid of it, and i'm the sucker who recieved it! alright, look.. i shouldnt even comment this movie, it isn't worth it. but.. it's so bad that i just got to tell you.. okey, first of all, you're supose to believe that George Lazenby (james bond back in 1969) and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen in Dallas) are the main stars of this movie. haha.. Well, Lazenby shows up in the end of the film, to do a couple of short scenes before he gets shot. and Linda Gray is hardly seen either. The acting, the camera work, the whole movie.. it's so bad that you will look down in shame. and find yourself in enbaressment for watching this.. i felt silly. i never felt like that for watching a movie before. ive seen some bad movies, but this is like no other.. and i feel bad for Lazenby and Gray who are in this mess - i know they arent very big stars, but this movie is like.. look, I wouldnt even accept a role here. you will pity for the other actors in this movie.. you will feel sorry for them.. this movie has got the worst actors ever.. everything is bad. and what's up with the sound? was it dubbed? i mean, the mouth talk doesnt time with the sound. their lips starts to move before the sound, haha.. nothing goes right in this film. if i can even call it that! i think the sound is put on afterwards. i thought, maybe a 10 year old would think this was cool, but even that wont work, its too much blood and violence for kids.. look, it feels like Lazenby and Gray are the parents to a couple of kids who did this movie in their backyard. and lazenby said "okey, i guess i can come out for 10 minutes and be in your little movie". i mean, Lazenby and Gray are so superior compared to the other actors, and the rest of the film.. i cant understand how they agreed to be in this! has anyone besides me even seen this??? i'm just.. i'm.. i'm shocked about how bad this is.. it's like lazenby and linda gray tapped the film makers and other actors on the shoulder and said "it's alright, kids.. don't be ashamed, it isnt that bad" i recommend you watch this, just for the fun of it. you won't believe it. youve never seen anything like this.. i try to describe how bad it is, but there just isnt any way.. you have to see it. i imagine the movie like this: a bunch of kids wanted to do a cool film, and lazenby and gray are the parents who agreed to join in the game. i kinda like lazenby and gray, even though i lost some respect for them sence they're a part of this film. oh my god.. anyone who gives this movie over lowest star, should be arrested. then get in touch with a doctor. holy sh... It has been more than three months since I watched this, but I remember very well that it was one of the worst thriller/action movies I have ever watched. I rented this movie checking its rating on IMDb (8.7 at that time), but I was appalled after watching it. Very poor acting, very weak plot, no suspense, nothing that arises at least slightest surprise or interest; complete waste of time. I am very surprised that some people have voted ten for this movie. It really hurt my trust in the ratings of IMDb. I remember doing all kinds of things while trying to sit in front of the TV while this movie played on. I think I could have had a better time just by watching TV commercials instead of this movie.


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